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Songwriters of the North, Comet Discs, Oct 07

1. Forget Her

2. Freight Train

3. Stalker Song

4. She Knows the Names of Trees

5. Songwriters of the North

6. Listen

7. Big Sunrise (video)

8. City Streets

9. Bingo

10. Karaoke

11. Wonder Working Star

12. Dark Love


The Crack Magazine
Although it’s been over 20 years since they formed, this is The Honest Johns debut album. And it’s pretty bloody good.  Recalling early R.E.M., The Beautiful South and the Proclaimers, this 12-track album features some proper pop songs that manage to distil a lot of what was great about the last 20 years without ever sounding too dated.  This working man’s pop might not be to everyone’s taste, but this record is one of the highlights of The Crack’s postbag of late and you could do a lot worse than checking The Honest Johns out.

NARC Magazine
With my Gmail account swelling with a 12-track beauty from The Honest Johns, it seems that Karma has been restored. Songwriters of the North is a varied and interesting album, with tracks like Bingo showcasing more energy and enthusiasm than bands half their age. Considering the band is playing catch-up to a 20-year gap between forming and releasing this album, you can forgive them for sounding slightly old-fashioned. And when I say old-fashioned, I don’t mean dated, or ironically retro. Make no mistake! This is a fantastic album from a brilliant pop band and I highly recommend it!

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Songwriters of the North